Aneros' Trident Series Shipping From Entrenue

PHOENIX—Entrenue is now shipping the four-piece Trident series from Aneros.

In honor of its celebrated shapes, Aneros has updated four of their most popular styles to provide a simpler, more powerful user experience that yields faster results.

 “Aneros is the pioneer in prostate products and remains in a class of their own, and we are so excited to have the Trident series in our catalog,” Entrenue CEO and owner Joe Casella said. “Aneros prostate stimulators remain big sellers for us and these design updates have been highly anticipated since Aneros first announced its plans for Trident. Aneros set the standard for prostate stimulation and we know our customers are excited for their shipments to arrive.”

The Aneros Trident series features upgraded versions of consumer-favorite MGX, Helix, Eupho, and Maximus prostate stimulators. Utilizing Aneros’ exclusive Multi-Axial Motion Architecture, the Trident series features greater range of movement of the head compared to earlier designs, which can offer a wider variety of sensations and ultimately provide a more pleasurable experience.

• The MGX Trident is based on the original Aneros model and features a smaller head for easy insertion, a gently tapered body for smooth action, and a ribbed stem for enhanced anal stimulation.

• The Helix Trident’s larger head and angled body produce stronger prostate sensations with special contours and balancing to make it more responsive to muscle contractions.

• The Eupho Trident is the smallest prostate massager in the Aneros product line and features a long, thin, and gracefully contoured body that’s as agile as it is responsive.

• The Maximus Trident is similar in shape to the MGX but more expanded overall with a pronounced bulbous head, providing greater size for those who are looking for a fuller experience.

Each item in the series also features updated tabs and arms, specifically designed to stimulate the perineum and kundalini acupressure spots with a unique rocking and cradling effect, all while providing simultaneous stimulation with increased stability. The Trident series is made of high quality, non-porous medical-grade plastic.

Each item in the Aneros Trident series is packaged in an eye-catching box that utilizes the company’s signature red-and-black branding on a white background. A red acrylic stand is also available for in-store displays.

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