Entrenue Now Shipping the Balldo Ball Dildo

PHOENIXEntrenue is now shipping the Balldo, the first sex toy that allows men to penetrate partners with their balls and unleash pleasures never experienced before. 

Funded by a viral crowd-funding campaign, the Balldo is the first ball-dildo that uses the testicles for penetrative sex. The company's announcement noted that the outside of the testicles feature nearly as many nerve endings as the vulva, yet they have long been overlooked as a stimulable sexual organ until now.

When a user wears the Balldo, the testicles are perfectly encapsulated in the soft skin-safe silicone cage behind the penis-like conical tip, which is designed for ease of penetration. The Balldo allows users to penetrate their partner with their testicles, and also allows for thrusting almost identically to the way they would use their penis. The Balldo creates a unique sensation for both partners and provides a second penis that can reliably stimulate during lengthy sex sessions. Users with smaller penises or who experience erection difficulties or early ejaculation will find that the Balldo gives them a chance to please and be pleased, without the worry of going soft.

The Balldo is made rigid enough for penetration by its patented inner core and by adding one or two of the provided Balldo spacer rings which can be added or removed depending on how much skin is above the scrotum. Users with particularly loose skin can add extra spacer rings that are sold separately.

“We love offering our customers unique, innovative products and Balldo is certainly that,” said Kim Maty, Entrenue's senior sales and buyer. “There is absolutely nothing else like it. Today’s adult shoppers are more sophisticated than ever; they are hungry for products that take pleasure to the next level and the Balldo gives users the chance to explore an erogenous zone that may have been neglected before. The response their crowd-funding campaign received on social media is proof positive that men are excited about this idea. This product is so unique and exciting that it’s bound to intrigue shoppers.”

The silicone Balldo is available in grey and purple.

To view Entrenue’s newest catalog, log into your account at www.entrenue.com. To place an order, call (800) 368-7268 or email [email protected].