Entrenue Shipping Man Wand Penis Massager

PHOENIX—The Man Wand—a compact handheld massager that combines wand massagers with a C-shaped penis-sleeve attachment that cups and surrounds the shaft with powerful rumbling vibration—is now shipping from Entrenue.

“The Man Wand is a product that consumers have been waiting for,” Entrenue CEO and owner Joe Casella said. “We receive so many requests for male pleasure products and this is like nothing else out there. The Man Wand combines the reliable and powerful traits of a wand massager with the lightweight and compact stroking capabilities that products made for penises require. We expect this to be a strong seller.”

The Man Wand is a USB-rechargeable, water-resistant silicone wand massager featuring a powerful eight-speed motor, 20 vibration modes, and a unique one-piece design intended for optimal penis stimulation without need for attachments. The Man Wand’s flexible head is flanked by a cup-like shape with a textured inner pattern; this unique head securely envelops the penis and optimizes vibration for maximum stimulation while the textured handle ensures a comfortable, secure grip.

The Man Wand can be used stationary by positioning the glans of the penis against the massaging surface or by moving the wand up and down in a traditional stroking motion—erection not required. The Man Wand’s powerful vibrations can bring pleasure to flaccid penises and is a fantastic option for users who experience erectile trouble. And couples can use it together in a variety of ways: one partner can control the vibrations and speed for the other; couples in BDSM partnerships can enjoy forced orgasm games; and female partners can use the outside of the C-shaped head and use it as a standard wand massager.

The Man Wand’s sleek black and orange packaging is suitable for both shelf and slatwall displays and features a simple text-driven design with an eye-catching product photo. The Man Wand has an MSRP of $89.99.

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