Entrenue Named U.S. Distributor of Doxy Wand Massagers

LOS ANGELES—Entrenue has been named exclusive U.S. distributor of Doxy Wand Massagers, which are designed, engineered and assembled in Cornwall, UK. Doxy has introduced hypoallergenic and medical-grade materials, high-RPM motors, and variable speeds.

Doxy was created to reclaim the reputation of the corded wand massager using modern aesthetics and powerful vibration technology. The original Doxy Massager features a plush head made from a hypoallergenic, medical-grade PVC and a hard-plastic body available in four colors: Black, Pink, White, and Purple. Large LED buttons allow users to easily glide through variable speeds ranging between 3,000-9,000 RPM with an escalating pulse setting, and Doxy’s long 12-foot power cord ensures that being plugged in never holds the massager back.

The Doxy Die Cast is a special edition of the Doxy Massager, featuring the same convenient functions but with a die cast aluminum/titanium alloy body and smooth medical-grade silicone head cover. The Die Cast turns heads and curls toes with a bit more heft than the original and has five colors to choose from: Black, Purple, Red, White, and Brushed Aluminum (Silver), each with a custom-made zipped padded case for easy storage.

The Doxy Number 3 is the newest wand from Doxy, a smaller and lighter take on the original featuring a sleek 11-inch body cast from an aluminum/titanium alloy, a petite head molded from medical grade silicone, and a 9-foot power cord. Featuring LED-lit buttons, incremental speed control, and the powerful speed and pulse settings customers have come to expect, Doxy Number 3 also features a removable head for easy cleaning.

“People have been asking us for Doxy for years and we are thrilled to have been chosen as the brand’s exclusive U.S. distributor,” Entrenue Senior Account Executive & Buyer, Kim Maty, said. “Doxy Wands not only boast intense power, but their quality is absolutely outstanding; you can see and feel the workmanship that goes into each design, and it helps that they’re gorgeous to look at! Our customers love the combination of power and aesthetic appeal—we are partial to the red Die Cast, ourselves!—and we’re proud to officially ship Doxy nationwide.”

Both the original Doxy Wand and The Die Cast operate with any voltage and can be used safely anywhere in the world (with a suitable plug adaptor). Doxy covers all products with a comprehensive 12-month guarantee.

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