Entrenue Exclusive U.S. Distributor for 2 FDA-Compliant Topicals

PHOENIX—Entrenue has been named exclusive distributor of two new FDA-compliant topical products: SYLK lubricant and Promescent.

SYLK lubricant is created in New Zealand using kiwi fruit vine extract, and Promescent is a lidocaine-based male genital desensitization spray created by a urologist. Together, these two new 510K certified topicals make Entrenue the leading source for the most innovative and body-friendly sexual enhancers available in the U.S.

“It’s almost unheard of for a lube to clear FDA's Class II Medical Device rating, which was one of the reasons we are so excited to add SYLK to our catalog,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “It’s a unique lubricant that consumers love for its long-lasting slickness, which has garnered rave reviews across the internet, and we are always happy to support a local company—SYLK’s U.S. headquarters is located in Scottsdale, Ariz.” 

SYLK lubricant is made with bio-sustainable kiwifruit vine extract harvested from orchards in the Province of Auckland, New Zealand, and has been certified by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device – an important distinction rarely granted to personal lubricants. This key ingredient is meant to best mimic the body’s natural moisture with a long-lasting water-based formula that lasts and lasts. Previously available in only the mainstream pharmaceutical market, SYLK is finally available in adult retail and brings unique ingredients and effective moisturization to the lubricant category. 

Promescent is a lidocaine-based male genital desensitization spray developed by Dr. Ronald Gilbert to safely and effectively delay the time until ejaculation. One of few to be FDA compliant, Promescent is doctor-recommended and has found popularity in the mainstream media with mentions on The Doctors, CNBC and CNN, as well as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The Atlantic, Men’s Health and Esquire. This major media support has helped bolster brand recognition and inspired men to give this topical spray a try.

“Consumers are always looking for safe and effective ways to help them last longer and better please their partner, and Promescent provides an FDA-compliant alternative to traditional ingestible pills,” Casella said. “Created by a urologist, Promescent expertly combines mainstream appeal with medical approval to bring adult retailers a delay spray that consumers can trust.”  

To learn more about SYLK, Promescent, and the rest of Entrenue’s newest catalog, visit Entrenue.com, call (800) 368-7268 or email [email protected].