Entrenue Inks Distro Deal With KushKards, NaughtyCards

PHOENIX—Entrenue has announced a U.S. distribution deal with KushKards, a clever line of cannabis-themed greeting cards, and NaughtyCards sexy-themed greeting cards.

KushKards is the brainchild of Fashion Institute of Technology grad Lauren Miele. Named "The Hallmark of Marijuana" by Herb.co and Merry Jane magazine, KushKards are unique greeting cards for the cannabis enthusiast. Available in a wide range of designs, some of which include a coordinated 3-inch-long metal one-hitter, these cards make perfect gifts for 420 fans. NaughtyKards are a newer addition to the KushKards catalog and feature striking love, sex, pride and LGBTQ-themed illustrations and captions, some of which also include a high-quality metal one-hitter.

“We are always excited to work with young entrepreneurs, especially woman-owned businesses who could benefit from our distribution network,” Entrenue VP of sales and marketing Lily Wang said. “Since first meeting Lauren at a tradeshow five years ago, we have watched her and her company bloom. We are thrilled to now be able to support her and her business as a U.S. distributor. Beyond our love for Lauren, these cards are the perfect year-round addition to any shop. Eye-catching, fun and ideal for impulse-purchasing, we expect these to be big sellers.” 

Designed to merge the playful taboo-ness of sex and cannabis, these colorful, eye-catching cards are perfect for gift-giving, greetings and year-round fun, and give adult retailers a fresh brand for their consumables section.

Between the two lines, Entrenue will also be offering more than 22 unique SKUs from this up-and-coming brand. 

KushKards, NaughtyKards and more can be purchased at Entrenue’s booth at ILS, scheduled for Sept. 12-13, 2022.

To view Entrenue’s newest catalog, create your account at entrenue.com to start browsing. To place an order, call (800) 368-7268 or email [email protected].