Entrenue Named U.S. Distributor of New Good Clean Love Items

PHOENIX—Entrenue has been named the exclusive U.S. distributor for the newest additions to the Good Clean Love roster: Ultra Sensitive Foaming Feminine Wash, Liquid Water Based Personal Lubricant, and Hybrid Silicone & Water Based Personal Lubricant. 

Ultra Sensitive Foaming Feminine Wash is designed for sensitive users who have experienced discomfort and irritation when using a regular wash or soap. Using Good Clean Love’s unique Bio-Match® technology, it closely mimics the body’s natural chemistry. Suitable for daily use, Ultra Sensitive Foaming Feminine Wash is water-based and pH-balanced. It contains a hint of soothing lactic acid as well as a blend of natural calendula, cucumber, and snow mushroom extracts to provide gentle, calming relief.

Liquid Water Based Personal Lubricant harnesses the deep hydrating benefits of hyaluronic acid in a long-lasting, premium personal lubricant. Water-based, fully compatible with toys and most condoms, and doctor-recommended, Liquid’s pH-balanced formula feels natural with a silky-smooth glide that enhances sex, reduces irritation, and won't disrupt the body's natural chemistry. 

Hybrid Silicone & Water Based Personal Lubricant is Good Clean Love’s longest-lasting lubricant yet. It blends the superior glide of silicone with the benefits of a body-friendly, water-based formula that won't stain and cleans up easily. Hybrid is pH-balanced, hypoallergenic and paraben-free with no artificial fragrance.

“Good Clean Love has been an Entrenue favorite for years and our customers have long awaited these new releases,” Entrenue senior sales and buyer Kim Maty said. “We love their commitment to quality and their products are always big sellers. Over the years, pH-balanced lubricants have become more and more popular and Good Clean Love led that charge. They committed to making products that work with the body almost 20 years ago and continue that achievement with their newest additions. We are thrilled that these products will appeal to current Good Clean Love fans and bring new users on board, too!”

Since 2003, Good Clean Love has worked to increase sexual pleasure and improve reproductive health with products that closely mimic the way the body works without the toxic substances found in many personal lubricants and feminine hygiene products.

To view Entrenue’s newest catalog or to place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected], or visit Entrenue.com.