Entrenue Carrying WoodRocket’s Adult Pins, Coloring Books

PHOENIX—Adult distributor Entrenue is now stocking and shipping items from WoodRocket, purveyors of fun and sexy adult-themed enamel pins and coloring books.

WoodRocket has been a success selling its unique goods on popular craft platform Etsy since 2016, and this marks their first foray into market-wide distribution of their colorful and clever products.

Entrenue now stocks Woodrocket’s full selection of enamel pins, each inlayed with a playful design, including sex toy shapes and homages to popular adult films. Ideal for gift-giving, impulse purchases, or add-on sales, these lapel pins are perfectly timed and on-trend.

The boutique distributor also stocks Woodrocket’s adult activity books, including The Dirtiest Coloring Book Ever, The Porn Coloring Book: Classic XXX Edition and The World Famous Gigglestick Activity Book. Capitalizing on the “coloring books for adults” trend with XXX versions, WoodRocket’s offerings are fun, sexy, fanciful, and even a little raunchy.

“We’ve been expanding our gift and novelty offerings and really hit the jackpot with Woodrocket,” Entrenue CEO and owner Joe Casella said. “Their products are beautifully made, incredibly cute, and sure to appeal to both seasoned adult shoppers and those entering a sex store for the very first time. The coloring books are some of the best we’ve seen, and the enamel pins are so eye-catching and affordable, we expect they will fly off shelves.”

To view the latest Woodrocket products and the rest of Entrenue’s catalog, please log into your account at Entrenue.com to start browsing.

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.