Entrenue Exclusive Distributor for Fun Factory's Bootie Plugs

PHOENIX—Entrenue is the exclusive distributor for Fun Factory’s new Bootie anal plug collection, and is shipping the items now.Bootie Plugs is a series of three sizes of the brand’s top-selling signature anal plug. Now available in updated colors, larger size options, and a convenient three-piece set.

Bootie Small is known as an ideal introductory non-vibrating anal plug, and now consumers can take home a medium and large version to satisfy their needs. And for an all-in-one value add, Fun Factory has packaged all three sizes in one kit for a handy anal training set that promotes safe and satisfying backdoor fun. 

“The original Bootie Small has remained one of our top-selling non-vibrating anal plugs since its debut and these new sizes are perfect for satiating even more end users,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “All three sizes are at competitive price points and make it easy to promote anal play to shoppers of all experience levels. This is an exciting addition to our catalog, especially since Fun Factory is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and we know our customers are going to love the new Booties.”

Bootie Small, Medium and Large anal plugs feature a tapered tip for easy insertion, pleasant curve for internal massage, and a slender flared base that fits perfectly between the cheeks. Bootie Small features a 3-inch length and an especially slim shape designed for beginners and first-timers; Bootie Medium features a 3.7-inch length with a shape that makes a perfect next-level plug; and Bootie Large boasts a fulfilling 4.4-inch length and girthier plug perfect for anal enthusiasts. 

Bootie anal plugs are made of non-porous silicone designed and handcrafted in Germany. All three sizes are available in sophisticated Black or Bordeaux colors.

To view the Fun Factory Bootie series and the rest of Entrenue’s newest catalog, log into your account at Entrenue.com.