Entrenue Now Offering New JBoa Lasso-Style Silicone Penis Rings

PHOENIX, Ariz.—JBoa has just come out with a selection of five different lasso-style penis rings, and Entrenue is among the first adult distributors to offer them—and is now shipping them nationwide. Designed by Velv'Or, JBoa penis rings are made of silicone and are fully adjustable using stainless-steel beads, each with a different motif that allows users to match a bead to their personal style.

JBoa penis rings by Velv’Or are designed to constrict the penis at its base to encourage firmer, longer-lasting erections and euphoric ejaculations. Each unique JBoa lasso-style ring features a sturdy yet flexible silicone cord and an adjustable bead, allowing an easier fit for men of any size. 

JBoa offers five unique bead designs, each made from stainless steel with a nickel-free silver coating:

• Silver Bead With White Crystals
• Silver Bead With a String of Balls
• Knurled Silver Bead
• Biconcave Silver Bead
• Silver Bolt Bead

“Men deserve sleek and stylish intimate accoutrements and JBoa absolutely delivers,” Entrenue CEOwner Joe Casella said. “JBoa penis rings look fantastic on display, and the unique lasso-style makes them easy and comfortable for men of all experience levels to use. Not all penis rings are alike, and JBoa gives men the opportunity to choose a design that appeals to their personal style without forgoing functionality. Plus, with the sleek, high-end packaging, these make the perfect gift for that special guy. Entrenue has been expanding its catalog of pleasure products for men, and Velv’Or’s JBoa brings our customers something special.”

Each JBoa penis ring comes with a magnetic closure storage box as well as a carry-along sleeve so users can safely and discreetly store their JBoa within easy reach. 

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.