Eldorado to Host Virtual Elevation for Sexual Health & Wellness

BROOMFIELD, Colo.—Eldorado Trading Company, an award-winning distributor of adult toys, lingerie, and party supplies, has scheduled a live Virtual Elevation event as part of its sexual health and wellness educational programming. The live webinar will be hosted by b-Vibe communication manager, Bobby Box. The event will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 1, at 11:00 a.m. MT. The 60-minute training is a private event for adult retailers to learn more about the prostate as a powerful source of pleasure and health.

Box shared, "Beyond its vital role in ejaculation, the prostate is an incredibly powerful source of pleasure and something too many people are reluctant to explore. I hope to change that by shedding stigma and presenting many fun and innovative ways to stimulate this gland. And don't worry, not all of them have to be through your butt!"

Eldorado director of sales, Derek DalPiaz shared, "Eldorado’s Virtual Elevation connects manufacturers with stores and provides an avenue for store employees to gain product knowledge without leaving the store. Better product knowledge enhances the customer experience, which ultimately increases sales for all involved."

To register for the event, complete the webinar registration form.

For more information about Virtual Elevation, or COTR products, contact an Eldorado account manager. For more information about Eldorado, call (800) 525-0848 or visit eldorado.net.