EDC Wholesale Presents Toys for Left-Handed Consumers

VEENDAM, The Netherlands—EDC Wholesale developed two brand new toys for the left-handed community—Lirpa ane Eno—in the company's PMV20 collection. 

Lirpa is an ergonomically approved left-handed bullet vibrator. The unique curves provide the ultimate grip for left-handed users. The Eno is designed for left-handed women to move in sync with the body which cannot be achieved with regular toys. 

Commented EDC Wholesale sales director Andre Visser, “We are extremely excited to introduce toys for left-handed lovers. We are all about inclusivity and we don’t want anyone to be left unsatisfied. Our design team did a remarkable job designing toys for lefties. The first feedback from our customers was already highly positive and I’m sure the left-handed community will be as exciting as we are”.

PMV20 Lirpa and Eno are now available for retailers to order at EDC Wholesale.

For more information about PMV20 Lirpa and Eno, visit one-dc.com or contact [email protected]