Doxy Massagers Now Shipping from ECN

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J.—East Coast News is now shipping Doxy Massagers, the popular line of powerful wand massagers.

“Long known as Europe’s answer to the Hitachi Wand Massager, Doxy is now available from East Coast News to our North American customers,” said Lynda Mort, vice president of sales and marketing. “’Tis the season of giving and retailers will now be able to give their customers the opportunity to have their very own Doxy and experience the power and incredible action only available from Doxy Massagers!”

Under ECN’s agreement with Doxy, the British firm will be able to expand its brand across North America through ECN's multiple warehouse locations, customer centric sales force, as well as its tactical expertise in delivering products in a digital age through its e-commerce platform. This agreement further iterates both companies’ willingness to drive growth and build relationships with customers.

ECN is now shipping Doxy Number 3, the Doxy Die Cast, and the original Doxy Massager, the latter two coming in four tantalizing colors. Doxy Number 3 features a small handle, making it easier to hold, while its compact head allows users to focus the vibrations more accurately than other massagers. Doxy Die Cast is heavier than the original Doxy Massager and features variable speeds that range from approximately 3000 rpm to 9000 rpm with variable escalating pulse setting. The original Doxy Massager features three buttons that vary its speeds and vibrations for a wide range of sensations.

Offering powerful vibrations that penetrate deep into the body, Doxy Massagers are extraordinarily effective when used as general body massagers and ideal for anyone looking to explore different levels of arousal. With a soft head covering made from hypoallergenic,  body-safe silicone, that is free from latex or phthalates, Doxy Massagers have one of the only cast metal heads on the market - meaning the toy is much more robust! The Doxy rolls and rumbles, rather than buzz like other massagers. Not to mention, metal is a lot more solid than plastic, so you don't get the flex where vibrations are dispersed.

“We are excited about the partnership between ECN and Doxy as this aligns with our growth initiatives in creating a value-added supply chain,” said Leigh Dedhar, sales director of Doxy Massagers. “As a small U.K. manufacturer, we appreciate and value ECN's long-standing history in the industry. Their regional based sales and support team create an opportune moment for an extension of our team and build on relationships.”

Testers, merchandising kits, and in-store POS materials for Doxy Massagers are also available.

East Coast News also offers an assortment of attachments designed and manufactured by Nexus that are exclusively for Doxy Massagers.

For more information, contact your ECN sales representative or visit