Dingfoo Updates Its 2024 FDA Certificate for Sex Toys

DONGGUAN, China—Recently, sex toys manufactured by Dingfoo have passed FDA testing and been awarded a 2024 FDA certificate.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States is responsible for testing medical devices before they are sold. However, sex toys are not within its jurisdiction as most of them are not considered medical devices.

To ensure that the quality of its products meets the safety requirements of medical devices, Dingfoo has classified its sex toy products as medical devices and applied for and passed FDA testing for many years. Additionally, Dingfoo has production workshops that comply with EU GMP standards and has obtained ISO 9001, 13485 medical device quality management system, and US FDA certification. Products are certified by CE, ROHS, FCC, and other authorities. Dingfoo has comprehensive industry certifications, winning cooperation with brands such as Durex and Jissbon.

According to data from Chinese media iMedia Research, as of June 2023, there were 25,893 adult product companies in Guangdong Province, China. As a leading company in the sex toy industry, in recent years, Dingfoo has covered new patent technologies in linear transmission and shock, arc pulse vibration, simulated apex squirters, quick interface multi-purpose vibration, pulse wave devices, and short-range quick-charge male masturbator cups, covering disciplines such as materials, mechanics, machinery, and ergonomics. Underlying these basic technologies, Dingfoo releases more than ten new products every month.

For more information, visit dingfoo.com.