Dingfoo Presents New Products at AVN Expo

LAS VEGAS—During the AVN Expo, Chinese pleasure products company Dingfoo presented nearly 40 new sex toys.

The patented technologies of the new toys include linear transmission shock, arc pulse vibration, simulated apex water spray, quick-interface multi-purpose vibration, pulse ballistic waves, and short-range fast-charge male masturbation cups. 

At the exhibition venue, Dingfoo's new technologies received unanimous acclaim from attendees. Andre Liu, the head of toy Innovation at Dingfoo, was invited to be interviewed by dozens of media outlets, including Japanese television, Las Vegas news, and New York news reporters.

Simultaneously, staying from the public eye for nearly three years, the inventor of the electronic cigarette small smoke, Liu, officially announced his comeback, entering the technical research and development field of adult toys.

Andre stated, "90 percent of the toys in the adult toy industry are manufactured and designed in China, but many important fundamental technologies have not yet been breakthroughs, making it difficult to achieve higher satisfaction. The adult toy industry is great, and it is now an industry surpassing a hundred billion.

"Although the adult toy industry is temporarily not understood or accepted by many, history does not stop because of agreement or disagreement, acceptance or non-acceptance. We, a group of inventors who understand technology, must boldly come forward, organize a group of expert backbones to carry out basic research and development, and strive to explore for the industry's technological future.

China cannot only be 'Made in China,' but must also be 'Invented in China.' Dingfoo will be known globally for 'Dingfoo Design.' We, Dingfoo people, often go to the market to investigate and study new toys in the industry, but our research is to be different from them, not to imitate. It can be said that Dingfoo has already mastered the technological path leading the industry forward and is committed to becoming a respected leader in the adult toy industry!"

To learn more about Dingfoo product information, sample applications, and business cooperation, visit dingfoo.com.