Dallas Novelty Offering Discount on Womanizer 2GO

DALLAS, Texas—Dallas Novelty, the online adult store whose motto is “Sex is for everybody,” invites women to “lavish themselves with lipstick love” to mark the arrival of the new Womanizer 2GO sensual stimulator with “pleasure air technology.” Dallas Novelty is celebrating this new item in stock with a special offer code (SPRING10) for 10 percent off final purchases.

“The new Womanizer 2GO was designed to look like a lipstick tube—just in a little larger size with the lid on it. It’s very discreet and will look like a regular beauty supply product sitting on your dresser or bathroom counter,” said Dallas Novelty marketing director Nick Mahler. “The Womanizer is famous for its pleasure air technology, which doesn't use vibrations for stimulation but modulated pressure waves of air that contains six intensity settings in this newest toy.”

The 2GO comes with two sizes of pink silicone tips that are quick and simple to change out and clean. The control button is easily reached while in use because it is on the bottom of the base. The Womanizer 2GO is available in two low-key classic lipstick tube looks—white with gold accent, and black with gold accent—as well as mint green/pink.

Mahler expects that, like the Womanizer Plus, this new product will take off. "We think this could be the best toy of 2017 because it will be easy for our mobility-challenged customers,” he said.

For more information on the Womanizer 2GO, click here.

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