Critics Praise Aneros Prostate Massagers

HOUSTON—Aneros has received major praise for five of the brand’s prostate massagers.

CallMeMaybe has found Eupho Syn to be the best reviewed plastic prostate massager for beginners* by journalists who review sex toys. Peridise was declared the best budget plastic prostate massager for beginners. Helix Trident was determined to be the best upgrade for plastic prostate massager for beginners. Progasm was named the best nonvibrating prostate massager for advanced users. And DeVice (discontinued) was acknowledged as the best nonvibrating silicone prostate massager for advanced users.

“It’s affirming to see the results of CallMeMaybe's data,” said Brent Aldon, director of sales and marketing. “We are thrilled to see Aneros reach these heights, cumulatively, and hope this message furthers awareness and attracts more newcomers to try prostate massage.”

CallMeMaybe, which aggregates a score based on positive and negative reviews from journalists, similar to the popular film website Rotten Tomatoes, found the average metadata score for Aneros products to be higher than the rest, showing superior function and performance amongst a range of users.

* “It’s important to note that our inclusion in the best plastic prostate massager categories is about differentiating products made with bio-safe synthetic materials from products containing metal, glass or electronics.” said Forrest Andrews, product development manager for Aneros. “We are happy for the distinction and deeply honored to receive these accolades.”

The sexual health and wellness brand is known for its bestselling line of sexually gratifying and Super-O producing prostate massagers—offering natural, preventative measures for erectile dysfunction (ED) and relief from prostate complications and more. The company is also known for the acclaimed Vivi, a hands-free Kegel exerciser and stimulator that provides clitoral and G-spot stimulation with the utmost responsiveness.

Aneros continues to grow as a leader in the adult novelty industry, earning a nomination for the 2020 AVN Awards in the category of Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer - Medium, as well as earning nominations for Best Product/Retail Site, Business Person of the Year (Brent Aldon), and Company of the Year categories at the 2020 Cybersocket Web Awards, and Outstanding Innovation, Outstanding Anal Toy, Oustanding Packaging, and Outstanding Internal Stimulator for the 2020 “O” Awards.

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