Checkmate Your Sexmate with Sex-o-Chess at Eropartner

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands—Chess has its origins in the Far East. The famous biggest player of all time, Garri Kasparov, comes from Russia. Current world chess champion Magnus Carlson comes from Norway. And the new Sex-o-Chess comes from the Netherlands.

Those who think that chess is boring will think differently after playing this chess game: Sex-o-Chess, the chess game that provides eroticism, excitement and sensation.

Sex-o-Chess is an exciting and sexy variant of the regular chess game. An erotic game that challenges couples to spoil each other and checkmate, a game that stimulates and makes fantasies come true in a playful way.

Just like regular chess, Sex-o-Chess is played with two people. The regular chess rules are maintained, but here are the Sex-o-Chess rules that provide the necessary eroticism.

Chess makes smart, the brain is stimulated, daily worries are forgotten for a moment and with this variant, partners are once again fully engaged with each other.

Sex-o-Chess is now available at Eroparter Distribution. For more, visit