Bonnie Strange and Womanizer Celebrate 'Badass Moms' in Campaign

BERLIN—Bonnie Strange and Womanizer have partnered to launch  "Rock your #badassmoment,” a new video to help mothers celebrate their sexuality with the new Badass Mom edition of the clit vibrator Premium Eco.

The video aims to explore the unrealistic expectations of mothers in today’s society and encourage them to celebrate being women and reclaim their sexuality.

The Badass Mom Premium Eco Special Edition is now available from Womanizer for 189 euros (189 €) at selected B2B partners exclusively in German-speaking countries.

"I love Womanizer and also always recommend the products directly to all the women around me. When I got the request to collaborate, I was thrilled," Strange said.

As part of the new partnership, Strange and Womanizer have developed a new, funky '90s-inspired design for Premium Eco and thanks to Smart Silence technology, the company says product is perfect for a "badass moment" by allowing users to focus on their own needs without worrying that anyone will overhear. Smart Silence ensures that the toy activates only when it makes contact with the skin, and until then, it remains in standby mode to keep the experience discreet.

The special edition also features a hidden surprise on the inside of the sleeve that aims to delight all Bonnie Strange fans—an autograph and postcard. Both cards can be easily detached with scissors so that the packaging can continue to be used for storage.

Strange's involvement with the brand stems from her experience of becoming a mother three years ago. "No matter what we do and how we do it—everything is judged nowadays," she said. "If we take time for ourselves, we're selfish. If we don't take time for ourselves, we let ourselves go. If we have a career, we're bad mothers. If we stay at home, we are not ambitious enough. If we feel like having sex, it's inappropriate—and so on and so forth. This is bullshit. We want to encourage all moms and moms-to-be to break away from those ideals and say, 'Fuck. That. I'm a badass mom.'"

"With Bonnie on our side, we have the perfect partner to remind moms that they can be women too. As a staunch vegan and pink lover, Premium Eco is also just the right product for this mission," said Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer.

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