BMS Factory’s Palmpower Still Breaking Ground

TORONTO, Canada—BMS Factory’s The PalmPower Personal Massager, which debuted in 2011, is still gaining attention from retailers and consumers alike.

This versatile toy is celebrating an increase of 56 percent in sales in 2017. New versions of this fan favorite have been introduced over time, but all models have kept the popular features that have made this wand the No. 1 choice among consumers, while continuing to put it ahead of the competition. 

The PalmPower came into the market when other bulkier wands were dominating the scene. Its unmatched power, fun features and versatility make it easy to understand why it's still the most beloved wand on the market. Although the PalmPower has gone through some changes that have pushed it ahead of the curve, BMS Factory has kept popular features 

like incremental speed control, the compact size, and of course, its powerful vibrations supplied by the always strong and dependable PowerBullet. These features have become keystones that consumers worldwide have grown to love throughout its dominant reign. 

The newest PalmPower is waterproof and USB rechargeable, meaning users can have fun without having to plug it in. Simply charge it up and put this to work; it gives you more freedom than ever before to explore and have orgasmic experiences with this clitoral stimulator. Use it in the tub or shower or wherever you desire, the choice is yours. The new features of PalmPower are important ones that will continue to push it above and beyond what the competition offers. 

The PalmPower continues to reach new heights of success year after year by staying true to its form, offering incredible power, quality and control, while incorporating new sought- after features. 

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