Bijoux Indiscrets Debuts Oral Sex Strips & 3-for-1 Wholesale Deal

BARCELONA—Luxury pleasure manufacturer Bijoux Indiscrets has announced a 3-for-1 deal on all wholesale orders of the company's Slow Sex collection. The sales incentive arrives in conjunction with the release of a new Slow Sex product, Oral Sex Strips.

Oral Sex Strips round out the Slow Sex product line, a collection of intimate cosmetics aimed at enhancing foreplay.

Between Nov. 15 and Dec. 1, 2020, the company will comp one additional Slow Sex item of the same SKU for every two individual SKUs purchased at wholesale.

“This is our way of supporting our retailers in these difficult times; offering them the possibility of increasing their margin by running a 3-for-2 deal or other form of in-store or online promotion for their consumers during the holidays,” said Bijoux Indiscrets co-founder Elsa Viegas.

Slow Sex is an 11-piece collection of sensual cosmetics including stimulating clitoral and nipple gels, massage and intimate oils, and the recently released Oral Sex Strips.

These paper-thin mint strips are designed to melt on the tongue just prior to or during oral sex and steamy make-out sessions. Flavored with spearmint oil, they provide powerful minty freshness to enhance clitoral stimulation, oral sex on any gender, or mind-blowing kisses.

Additional ingredients like Maca, a super food and known aphrodisiac, stimulate the clitoris and vulva by increasing blood flow and sensitivity.

The Slow Sex collection also includes:

  • Two massage products: the glycerin-based Warming Massage Oil and a silicone-free, natural formula Full Body Massage Gel, both scented with all-natural coconut
  • Two oral sex enhancers: the citrus-flavored, saliva-stimulating Mouthwatering Spray; and the coconut oil-based Oral Sex Balm for velvety soft, moist lips. Both products are safe and pleasurable for direct contact during oral sex.
  • Two pampering cosmetics: the hydrating, highlighting Intimate Hair and Skin Shimmer Oil and the Full Body Solid perfume, which is kissable and safe for use around intimate areas
  • Two sensual play gels: the water-based Anal Play Gel with arnica, chamomile and aloe vera to soothe, relax and reduce friction and the Finger Play Gel, a water-based kissable glide that's perfect for all parts, whether solo or partnered
  • Two sensation enhancing gels: the warming, sensitizing Clitoral Balm and the cooling, kissable Nipple Play Gel, both also scented with coconut

The Slow Sex collection takes a cue from the modern holistic sex movement, encouraging couples and singles to delight in foreplay and mindful pleasure as the main bedroom events. The line's erotic yet subdued packaging design features hazy, shimmery artistic nudes and dripping-wet close-ups of plump lips and soft skin; the perfect amount of tease for mainstream and adult retail shelves alike.

“We strongly believe that sex is to be enjoyed. It's about having pleasure and giving pleasure,” said Viegas. “We've reinvented the word foreplay and turned it into the most real, pleasurable, and explosive part of your sexual relationship. This collection offers your consumers a new and better way to have incredible sex.”

For wholesale orders and inquiries, email [email protected] or visit

Oral Sex Strips are currently available in Europe only. US availability to follow shortly.