Biird Hides Jingle Bells-Inspired Vibration Pattern in Sex Toy

AMSTERDAMBiird, the innovative sex toy brand celebrated for its quirky and vibrant designs, has a hidden Jingle Bells-inspired vibration pattern featured in its bestselling G-Spot massager, Gii, in time for the holiday season. 

Andrea Rey, co-founder of Biird said, "Embracing the cozy allure of winter, we’ve cranked up the holiday spirit with a twist that’s bound to land you on Santa’s Naughty List. Research suggests that the festive season brings a surge in both orgasms and conceptions. To spread holiday cheer, we’re proud to unveil our hidden Jingle Bells vibe pattern that customers can now discover with our bestseller, Gii."

To activate Gii’s festive vibration mode, press this combination of buttons twice: Power, -, and +.

Designed for both external and internal stimulation, Gii is a G-spot massager that emits deep and rumbling vibrations. With its smooth curves, nine default vibration modes, and eight-strength settings, Gii promises to deliver.