Beducated Survey Profiled in

MUNICH, Germany—Beducated is profiled in a new AskMen article, where the lifestyle publication has gleaned further information about the online sex education resource’s recent customer survey about solo pleasure between the sexes.
In the piece, “How Often Do Women Orgasm During Masturbation?,” AskMen uncovers some revealing information about the platform’s data analysis: “Most of the focus has gone on the glaring gap between how often men and women orgasm during conventional, penetrative sex, but we were taken aback by the masturbation survey as well.”
“Women are actually slightly better than men at making themselves orgasm ‘always or most of the time.’ Men hold a five-point lead when it comes to orgasming 100 percent of the time during a masturbation session, but women make up significant ground in the ‘most of the time’ response, and comparable numbers of men and women orgasm either rarely or never from self-pleasure.
“There's a very important lesson here, and a humbling one for heterosexual men who are also familiar with how seldom women reach the Big O during heterosexual sex: women aren't non-orgasmic. In fact, they're just as capable of orgasming as you are. If you're not sure if your partner is enjoying sex as much (and as often) as you are, there's a very simple solution. Just ask her for advice, since (surprise, surprise!) women have as much expertise in their orgasms as men do in theirs.”
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