b-Vibe Gets Sexpert-Approved Recommendation From Marie Claire

CYBERSPACE—Featuring the expert opinion of Shamyra Howard, a Lovehoney sexologist and LCSW, and other sexperts, Marie Claire recently published a list of the top vibrating pleasure products to invest in, which included the b-Vibe Novice Plug.

In the article titled "The 22 Best Vibrators, According to Sex Toy Experts," Howard explained why vibrators are considered the most effective pleasure devices.

Said Howard, "One of the main reasons why vibrators feel so good is because of electricity. Every vibrator, no matter the size, operates with a motor inside. This explains one reason why there are several different types of vibrators. This allows our bodies to have different response signals to varying speeds, motions, and intensities. It is thought that vibrators feel so good because they transmit frequencies that we as humans are incapable of doing to some of the most sensitive areas of the body."

Author Gabrielle Ulabay also noted that today’s vibrating pleasure products come in a wide range of designs and textures, as well as a range of intensity levels to target all kinds of erogenous zones.

When it comes to the best anal vibrators category, the b-Vibe Novice was Marie Claire’s pick for its assortment of 15 vibrating patterns and six levels of intensity.

Added Howard, "For anal stimulation, you can’t go wrong with a vibrating butt plug. Like all vibrators, these also have varying intensities and levels."

Marie Claire recommends the b-Vibe Novice for all experience levels and also shared a customer review, "Got this for my girlfriend and she fell in love with it almost instantly. It takes a little study to learn how to use its adjustable power settings and numerous types of vibration. The remote control makes the introduction to the plug and experimentation with it a delight."

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