B Swish Spotlights Bthrilled Mini Wand

LOS ANGELES—Pleasure manufacturer B Swish is currently featuring its wireless, mini wand-style massager Bthrilled Premium, which was unveiled last May, to its retail and distribution customers.

B Swish notes that the Bthrilled Premium features an ergonomically contoured handle that's angled for ease of access to sweet spots, as well as easy-to-use buttons dedicated to intensity adjustment. The compact wand features three gradually intensifying speeds and four vibration patterns. Made from silky, body-safe silicone, it warms to body temperature for maximum comfort. Bthrilled Premium's power easily matches the intensity of bulkier, larger wands.

“B Swish is really known for our Basic and Classic line products, which feature well designed pleasure products at really accessible price points,” said a company representative. “We think it’s important for our customers to know that we do the exact same thing with our Premium range products.”

B Swish is sending the Bthrilled Premium on another round of B2B promotions because it feels retailers may be under the misconception that the brand focuses on small-budget products only.

“The price point is a little higher because you’re getting added features like USB rechargeability and deeper vibration quality, without sacrificing any of the features of the Classics and Basics line like body-safe materials, waterproof construction,” the rep noted. “This is not just a higher-priced Classic tier product, but a peer to other more luxury focused brands in the pleasure space.”

B Swish chose to spotlight the Bthrilled Premium for their third quarter product announcement after initially releasing the mini wand massager in the spring of 2020, feeling that the product deserves a pedestal of its own.

“Because sales have moved almost entirely online, the small stature of this wand can get lost in translation,” the brand rep continued. “It’s really quite small when you compare it with competitors. It’s just 8.3" (21 cm) in length, with a diameter of only 1.3" (3.35 cm). Despite its small size, we haven’t sacrificed any quality in the vibrations, so it’s still suitable for all the power-queens out there.”

B Swish believes that the current state of coronavirus isolation is a good time to reintroduce the Bthrilled Premium to a wider audience.

“Wands are such an iconic style of massager, and they are particularly well-known for helping many, many people achieve orgasm for the first time,” the rep observed. “With its powerful vibrations and small form factor, our Bthrilled Premium is really versatile as well. Not only is it a great option for beginner pleasure product users and experts alike, but it’s ergonomically designed to double as a shoulder or back massager.”

The company assures that all orders are shipping as usual, and that the company is ready and able to serve the unique demands of distributors and retailers despite the conditions caused by COVID-19.

“On top of this, we are still currently designing new products and anticipating releasing a few more new products by the end of the year,” the company representative concluded.

For more information on B Swish, visit Bswish.com or contact [email protected] for sales inquiries.