Autoblow Seeks U.K. Partners To Give Machines To Soldiers, More

COLCHESTER, U.K.—Sex toy entrepreneur Brian Sloan is seeking a U.K charity or two to take 1,500 blowjob machines off his hands before 2020 and donate them to soldiers, the elderly and more.

“With the recent launch of the Autoblow A.I., I realized its time to clear out a model from three years ago called the Autoblow 2+. Technology-wise, think of the Autoblow 2+ as an iPhone 5 in the era of the iPhone 11. These Autoblow 2+ machines are in perfect working order—they were the best automatic pleasure devices in the world just a few years ago. I feel a duty to help men who are less fortunate receive the pleasure all humans deserve—even if that pleasure is caused by a 3-year-old blowjob machine.”

Just last year, Sloan faced a similar problem in the United States but with different adult inventory. After transitioning off of selling on Amazon, Fast Company wrote about his donation of 8,000 dildos to Cocks Not GlocksSisters of Perpetual Indulgence and a pair of San Francisco-based artists.

Although Sloan will read and consider all proposals, he has his preferences.

“At, we get a lot of emails from elderly men and active-duty military who want our machines but cannot afford them,” Sloan said. “Older men tell us that their sex drive is as strong as ever, but their elderly wives have lost interest in sex. Men in the armed forces are away from their partners for extended periods of time and want a more realistic experience than a rubber butt shoved into a plastic tube can offer. I hope to hear from charities actively helping these two populations.”

Sloan has set up an email address for interested U.K.-based charities to send proposals: [email protected].