Autoblow Providing Free Video Screens to Retailers

Very Intelligent Ecommerce Inc., the company behind the Autoblow 2+ blowjob machine, is giving away free video screens to all of its brick-and-mortar retailers. The new point-of-sale advertising combines text, graphics, and a 7-inch video screen optimized to have a maximum impact on sales while occupying only a minimal amount of space.

The screen plays a two-minute cartoon video that explains how the Autoblow 2 works and why it is better than competing products. The video was selected to use in the screen because it is the video that 70 percent of’s online customers watch before purchasing the product.

Autoblow inventor Brian Sloan explains his idea behind the screens: “Our expertise is in selling online but as the Autoblow 2 is now sold in more than 800 brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S. and Canada, I decided to replicate the online experience, offline. Sales associates are not always able to explain the features of my product so I designed the video to explain the Autoblow 2’s advantages to customers in the shortest amount of time possible. The two-minute cartoon video does the trick and makes customers smile, which I believe is an important step in the sales funnel.”

The video screens are available free to all Autoblow 2 offline retailers. The company is still running its free samples promotion, starting retailers out with between two and a dozen Autoblow 2 models for free, with no obligations, as an introduction to the product. Email [email protected] to claim your free samples or to ask for a video screen if you are a retailer who has not yet received one.