Autoblow Giving $100,000 Of Free Product To Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

CHICAGO—Brick-and-mortar retailers interested in carrying the Autoblow 2 no longer have any excuse not to do so.

Vieci, the parent company behind the Autoblow, wants to earn business from U.S. and Canadian stores by giving its namesake product away, for free, no strings attached. 

“Any U.S.-based brick-and-mortar store that contacts us via will be sent a minimum of two retail-ready products, with a retail value of $150 each,” Autoblow inventor Brian Sloan said. “Chains with more than one store will be sent additional free units to place in multiple stores. There is no catch. My experience has shown me that giving retailers a 100 percent risk-free way of onboarding our product makes it easy to say yes, and allows us to prove to them that our Internet marketing drives strong, profitable in-store sales. The best part is, the Autoblow 2+ gives retailers one of the highest net profits per sale of any toy in the male niche.”

For those unfamiliar with the product, the Autoblow 2+ is a powerful electronic blowjob machine that went viral online around the world. Since its launch two years ago, it has appeared on Comedy Central, HBO, and Bravo, has been in featured in magazines including Playboy, Maxim, and Cosmo, and has been featured on websites including Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Techcrunch, Business Insider, and others. Click this link to watch the media highlights video.  

There are 666 Autoblow 2’s valued at $150 each earmarked for this giveaway. Simply submit your information on to claim your free products. If stocking the Autoblow 2+ is a win for your business, place an order by contacting [email protected]