Autoblow Bringing Sensations of Oral Sex To India

CHICAGO—The crowdfunded automatic oral sex simulator Autoblow 2+ is now available to men in India.

“I believe the Indian market has a huge potential in the next five years in the adult space. We already know that a significant percentage of porn visitors come from Indian IP addresses and know that men in dozens of other countries enjoying using the Autoblow while ‘viewing’ such videos,” Autoblow 2 inventor Brian Sloan said. “Although the Autoblow 2+ has a relatively high price point in India due to duties/taxes/shipping, it is the only device of its kind that allows men to experience the sensation of oral sex without a partner, and many men consider it to be worth the cost.”

 VIECI, Autoblow’s parent company, has partnered with the leading sex toys website in India,, to bring the Autoblow 2+ to the newfast growing Indian sex toy market. The product will be shipped to men directly from inside of India, allowing them to avoid embarrassing questions from customs officials at the post office.

The Autoblow 2+ launches with both Hindi and Punjabi language cartoon videos, a first for any western sex toy brand, potentially exposing the brand to the more than 500 million speakers of both languages.

View the Hindi cartoon here and the Punjabi cartoon here.