Arcwave Launches '#HandsOnJob' Search for Marketing Specialist

NEW YORKArcwave, maker of the Ion Pleasure Air Stroker, is seeking a brand marketing specialist through a search campaign using the hashtag "#HandsOnJob."

The job listing is currently available in Europe and North America. The brand marketing specialist for Arcwave will be responsible for managing the brand’s reputation, goals and values through specific and sophisticated marketing campaigns. The person Arcwave is seeking is open-minded, driven, sex-positive, hardworking, and doesn’t mind talking about a stigmatized subject all day every day. 

Headquartered in Berlin with four additional locations in Ottawa, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, the company sells pleasurable products in more than 60 countries. With the global #HandsOnJob campaign, Arcwave is advertising its job openings via large billboards and signage around Berlin and New York City in order to reach potential applicants in a humorous and memorable way. In addition to analog methods, Arcwave is pursuing digital placements in target media outlets, as well as on job portals and through partnerships with influencers, with an overall theme of embracing being part of the sex tech industry.  

"We bring people one-of-a-kind pleasure and comfort with our products. How many brands can say that?" Arcwave Head of Sexual Empowerment Johanna Rief said. "Unfortunately, there are still certain misconceptions when people mention that they work in the sex tech industry. We want to take away the ‘fear’ from potential applicants and show we are a professional company where fun is not neglected." 

For more details regarding the Arcwave job listing, click here. The job is also listed on LinkedIn

Arcwave is a companion brand to Womanizer and We-Vibe within the WOW Tech Group.