Aneros Hosting Free Sex Ed Webinar on Kinkly Today

HOUSTON—Aneros will provide a free educational webinar via Kinkly, a leading media provider for everything one needs to know about sex.

The webinar, Prostate Massage 101, will explore the benefits of prostate stimulation and anal play and takes place at noon CT today.

Interested participants may register for the webinar here.

Prostate Massage 101: The Ins and Outs of Prostate Play, will be led by Aneros’ Product Development Manager,Forrest Andrews, an industry expert who has been affiliated with Aneros for more than 17 years. The webinar will cover the history of prostate massage, the benefits of Aneros’ products, and how to achieve the “Super-O.”

“Education is always the first step towards progress, and that’s why a webinar is the perfect means to spread the word about the benefits of prostate massage,” said Brent Aldon, director of sales and marketing. “We’re so happy to work with the amazing people at Kinkly to be able to provide this valuable lesson to their followers and supporters, and we hope participants walk away with information that will benefit their lives.”

 The sexual health and wellness brand is known for its bestselling line of sexually gratifying and "Super-O" producing prostate massagers—offering natural, preventative measures for erectile dysfunction (ED) and relief from prostate complications and more. The company is also known for the acclaimed Vivi, a hands-free Kegel exerciser and stimulator that provides clitoral and G-spot stimulation with the utmost responsiveness.

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