Aneros Announces the Aneros Prelude Enema Bulb Kit

HOUSTON—Sexual health and wellness innovator Aneros officially announced the release of its new Aneros Prelude enema bulb kit. The Aneros Prelude is a cleansing system that provides the option of low-volume internal rinsing for easier, quicker, and more comfortable cleansing sessions. The Aneros Prelude features an all medical-grade, velvety touch silicone design for comfort and easy care and cleaning. It has a 10 fl. oz. pleated, easy-grip bulb which allows up to four low-volume rinses without refilling. It also has a one-way, slow-flow valve to prevent backflow of liquid into the bulb, and an easy-grip ergonomic nozzle with a backstop for assembly/disassembly, sanitary handling, and proper depth of insertion.

While enemas have been around since the dawn of civilization, their design has remained essentially the same: a flexible bulb or sack to hold liquid and a thin hollow tube that allows the introduction of liquid into the body when the bulb is compressed. For most of its history, the purpose of an enema has remained the same, with the addition of a therapeutic internal cleansing by a sudden injection of liquid that triggers peristalsis, the rhythmic muscular contraction of the colon and rectum. In more recent times, with the wider acceptance of anal and prostate play, the concept of enemas for pre-recreational cleansing has come about. Unfortunately, the design of traditional enema gear isn’t fully compatible with this application. 

Aneros product and business development manager Forrest Andrews says, "For most people, the idea of a pre-recreational enema is about cleaning the rectum, not the entire lower digestive tract, and conventional enemas discharge too quickly with too much fluid and too much force to allow that. The Aneros Prelude solves this via a special one-way, slow-flow valve that slows the output from the nozzle. This permits better control and prevents liquid from pooling in the colon where it can trigger cramping. Once cramping occurs, it results in a far more time-intensive cleansing process. With the Aneros Prelude, Aneros introduces the concept of lower volume rinsing, designed to limit cleansing to the rectum. In addition, the slow-flow feature discharges liquid gradually, avoiding the pressure and discomfort caused by a sudden surge of a large amount of fluid into the body."

Director of sales and marketing Brent Aldon says, "We are so excited to introduce the Aneros Prelude. We’ve created a unique and innovative re-design of an ages-old device that holds a tremendous benefit for people who are looking for a pre-recreational enema prior to any kind of anal or prostate play. Unlike most of the enemas on the market that are made for therapeutic use, this product is specifically designed for people who are into pleasure that involves the rectum, but are eager to avoid the mess that may accompany it.  In keeping with that, we believe that…Confidence begins with a Prelude." 

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