Alicia Amira Promotes Be A Bimbo Lifestyle on ITV

LONDON—British channel ITV welcomed Alicia Amira who promoted the bimbo lifestyle and her Be A Bimbo brand.

Her ITV appearance with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield was immediately praised on social media as an eloquent representation of her image and self-worth.

“I’m grateful for all the media attention and I think people are coming around to realize that the Bimbo lifestyle deserves respect,” Alicia said. “There is no reason we should be anything but proud to look hyper feminine or trying to do everything we can to achieve our dream physicality. We’re bimbos and proud!”

Alicia’s message is one of positivity for women who are ready to embrace their femininity and reclaim the word Bimbo. Her advocacy has recently included clothing and jewelry and a program to supply crop tops to likeminded adult industry professionals with significant social media followers.

Be A Bimbo has offered porn starlets or cammers crop told need is to have more than 20,000 followers on Instagram or Twitter. This is part of an inclusive campaign is designed to reclaim the word “bimbo” and erase the negative connotations that are sometimes associated our beloved adult industry but also with improvements made via plastic surgery and similar cosmetic alterations.

“We just want everyone to have pride when they choose to take ownership of their sexuality and embrace their femininity, in whatever form it might take,” Alicia said. “There's no reason to be ashamed of being hyper feminine. It's about inclusion and not being put down for our choices. We are taking back the terminology and demanding respect.”

On Twitter, fans can follow/contact Alicia @aliciaamiraxxx and Be A Bimbo at @beabimbo. Her Instagram is @alicia_amira and the company’s is @beabimbo.