Questions Visitors on Important of Monogamy

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C.—Adam & Eve and have once again conducted their monthly survey, this time asking more than 1,000 adults how important monogamy actually is to them.

“While monogamy has historically been the cultural standard, there is a shift in the thinking of many couples today,” said Dr. Jenni Skyler, resident sexologist at Adam & Eve. “Many people don’t want or need the relationships they saw their parents and grandparents having,” she says. “Because of this, they are choosing to define what a relationship means on their own terms. That said, an open relationship can feel exciting for the novelty it offers, but for many people, this is a distraction from developing deeper intimacy and connection with a primary partner.”

While 73 percent of those polled (77 percent of the females and 68 percent of the males) said they prefer monogamy in their sexual relationships, nearly 17 percent of the respondents (11 percent of the females and 22 percent of the males) said they are open to non-monogamous sexual relationships. And just over 10 percent of those polled (11 percent of the females and 9 percent of the males) said they do not desire monogamy at all.

“Adam & Eve carries a wide variety of products for adults in all stages and types of relationships,” says Chad Davis, director of marketing for Adam & Eve. “From massage oils to toys and games, is a judgment-free retail space for everyone.”

The web-based survey, conducted by an independent third-party survey company, of more than 1,000 American adults age 18 and up, was sponsored by Adam & Eve to study sexual preferences and practices.

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