ABS Holdings Picks Up Clandestine Devices’ Mimic for Distro

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—U.K.-based adult distributor ABS Holdings is now carrying the Mimic from Clandestine Devices.

The deal with ABS Holdings is a first for Clandestine Devices throughout the United Kingdom territory, further increasing the opportunity for adult toy connoisseurs to get their hands on the seriously addictive Mimic.

“ABS Holdings is so excited about our partnership with Clandestine Devices,” said Justin Vickers, ABS Holdings’ Head of Global Trade Sales. “We’re always on the lookout for innovative brands that add a fresh twist to our range, and the Mimic is certainly a unique product that we know our customers will love.

“The Mimic is an ultra-modern toy for the ultra-modern customer, and we’ll be offering it in Black, Seafoam and Lilac,” added Vickers. “We can’t wait to introduce Clandestine to our portfolio - and we’re looking forward to an amazing response and a successful partnership.”

In addition to ABS Holdings, Clandestine Devices also distributes the Mimic in Europe via EDC Wholesale and Eropartner; Mimic is also available in Australia via AAPD and Excite Logistics, and through select distributors within the United States, such as East Coast News, with more distributors to be announced soon.

The Mimic is a curved, rechargeable vibrator made of medical grade silicone. It is waterproof and offers six speeds/intensity levels, eight vibration patterns and 90 minutes of vibes on a single charge.

For more information, visit ClandestineDevices.com