We-Vibe, pjur Create Co-Branded Lube, Cleaner 

OTTAWA, Canada—Pjur Group and Standard Innovation, makers of the We-Vibe family of pleasure products, teamed up to create two co-branded products: We-Vibe Lube—Made by pjur and We-Vibe Clean—Made by pjur.

"We-Vibe has found a perfect partner to help ensure that our customers get the best possible We-Vibe experience," said Frank Ferrari, president of Standard Innovation, creators of the We-Vibe brand. "pjur's premium quality and global reach make great bedfellows for We-Vibe, extending our product line into the premium personal lubricant and cleaner space."

Specially created by pjur for use with We-Vibe products, We-Vibe Lube—Made by pjur is a premium, water-based personal lubricant and We-Vibe Clean—Made by pjur is an alcohol-free cleaning spray. Both companies will spotlight the new products at the upcoming ANME in Burbank, Calif., July 12-14. The products are available to retailers in the EU in September and in October for those in North America and Australia.   

"The core competencies of both companies have come together for the benefit of We-Vibe customers around the world," said Alexander Giebel, founder and CEO of the pjur group. "These products have been specially created for We-Vibe and tested for compatibility by a leading German laboratory. We've also designed unique packaging to appeal to the We-Vibe shopper."

We-Vibe Lube—Made by pjur is a premium water-based lubricant specifically for use with We-Vibe products. It enhances the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity by providing additional moisture and long lasting lubrication. The alcohol-free We-Vibe Clean—Made by pjur is created for gentle hygienic cleaning for adult pleasure products. The dermatologically-tested spray reduces odor and is formulated for use with materials sensitive to alcohol such as latex, rubber and silicone. Both products are sold in 100ml bottles.

For more information on these products in Canada or the U.S., contact We-Vibe at [email protected] or +1-613-828-6678.  For all other global territories, contact pjur at [email protected] or +352 7489890.