Updated Magic Wand Available From Eldorado

BROOMFIELD, Colo.—Eldorado announced that, as part of its partnership with Vibratex, it will start shipping the new, revitalized Magic Wand in June. 

The soon-to-be launched updated Hitachi Magic Wand will now be known as only the Magic Wand. The revised product features a new look, packaging face-lift and new circuitry, making it even more durable and reliable. Like the original Magic Wand, a long-time customer favorite, the updated Magic Wand is solid and durable and comes with a one-year warranty.

"We are very excited about the updated brand look and new packaging, as well as about our new consumer website, MagicWandOriginal.com,” said Shay Martin, vice president of Vibratex Inc. “This product has defied the odds; it’s been around for decades, yet it remains an undisputed best seller.”

"The Magic Wand is one of our most successful products. We're proud to partner with Vibratex and honored to have the cherished Magic Wand in our offerings," said Larry Garland Eldorado's CEO and founder. 

For more information, visit Eldorado.net.