The Screaming O’s Rock On Wins 2012 Sexual Enhancement Company of the Year

LOS ANGELES—The Screaming O and its Rock On brand of sexual enhancement supplements took home the 2012 Sexual Enhancement Company of the Year award at the 6th Annual StorErotica Awards.

The popular nutraceutical, available in his & hers pill and drinkable shot form, provides men and women natural formulations that help improve sexual performance, heighten virility and boost libido.

“The Screaming O would like to thank our friends and colleagues for voting for us and Rock On as the 2012 Sexual Enhancement Company of the Year,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “We developed Rock On as a modern version of a sex life essential to help men, women and couples have better sex. It’s an honor to be recognized for a product that makes it fun and easy for everyone to Rock On!”

Rock On enhancement offers two separate formulas, one for men and another for women, with natural ingredients that increase sexual desire, enhance mood, and provide healthy and effective sexual enhancement without unpleasant side effects. Rock On is available in pill form or in portable shots that can be mixed with alcohol to create the ultimate cocktail.

The Sexual Enhancement Company of the Year Award comes just in time for the debut of the new Rock On Daily, a once-a-day supplement featuring two separate his and hers formulas and made using a unique 15-ingredient herbal blend.

“The timing couldn’t be better – we debuted Rock On Daily to the industry this week with great results,” Caggiano said. “Rock On Daily is designed to be taken as a daily supplement for overall improved sexual performance, and with a 30-day supply in each bottle users will build stamina and potency with each simple dose.”

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