The Komar Company Joins NS Novelties' Growing Distribution Team

CHATSWORTH, CA — NS Novelties has enjoyed a prosperous year, including global expansion at an all-time high, record sales, and multiple award nominations.

This past month the Komar Company has joined several U.S. distributors — Capitol News Agency, Eldorado, Kings Distributor, Holiday Products, Honey's Place, Nalpac, National/Universal, SLS Specialty, Trans World News, and Williams Trading, along with a vast and growing list of international distributors and home parties, to carry the NS Novelties' product line. The partnership has been pivotal in light of the company's drastic growth over the past year and, with hot new items releasing every few months, there are no signs of business slowing down.

"Forging a relationship with the Komar Company has been a very strategic move for our company," says Lavi Yedid, Director of Operations for NS Novelties. "Effectively providing support to the demands of our clients both nationally and internationally has always been a top priority. Having another distributor within the U.S. Market that provides the level of care and attention all of our customers deserve is a huge advantage for both the consumer and NS Novelties."

The Komar Company has been in the adult distribution business for over 50 years and has enjoyed great growth and success while remaining a small family company at heart. Adrianne Hyatt, buyer for the Komar Company says, "The NS line has everything that the end consumer and retailer are looking for. Their products are upscale and very appealing to the eye, powerful and functional, manufactured with body-safe, high grade materials, and are available at very reasonable price points."

The complete catalogue of NS Novelties' products can be found on their website.