Tenga Releases Iroha

TOKYO—Since its launch in 2005, Tenga's masturbation aids for men have been a massive hit, shipping more than 25 million units worldwide while smashing industry records and revolutionizing pleasure items for men. Tenga is now set to make the same waves for women with its new brand, iroha.

Tenga is known for its modern, clean designs, and the iroha brand takes the same aesthetic and meshes it with a stylish Japanese twist. Using “Wa-modern” designs similar to traditional Japanese confectionaries, iroha products feature a unique “Soft Touch” material that provides a supple texture that is kind, responsive and giving to touch. The iroha line of luxury massagers has multiple vibration strengths, functional storage-case-charger and three varieties of design providing different methods of use.

With their easily approachable designs, the launch of the brand is a nod to iroha’s homeland of Japan where toys for women have recently taken a back seat to Tenga's’s own male pleasure aids, allowing for a whole new untapped audience of those who have previously shied away from masturbation toys. However, Tenga has announced these items will be the first of an entire brand, with future products to take into account the varying tastes of women and their toys around the world.

The brand is set for release in Japan on March 3, with a U.S. launch set for April’s International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas.

To experience Iroha visit iroha-tenga.com/en.

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