Tenga Issues Warning About Counterfeit Products

TOKYO—Tenga Co. Ltd. has released a statement about what it says are counterfeit knock-offs of its Tenga masturbators:

“Due to a recent increase in counterfeit products, Tenga Co., Ltd. hereby urges all customers to be cautious of any organization claiming to be suppliers of authentic Tenga products.”

In the statement, officials at Tenga assert that a Chinese company has been selling knockoff Tenga items. The release charges that the company, which they refer to as Male Love, “has no affiliation with Tenga Co., Ltd. and does not supply authentic Tenga products.”

The statement continues: “Some customers have mistakenly purchased counterfeit Tenga products and we are taking the appropriate actions to fight these illegal products. It is with regret that the laws of the country these fakes are manufactured in make this a lengthy and convoluted process, and one we have not yet been able to fully gain control of. Be that as it may, any retailers, suppliers and/or distributors carrying and selling these counterfeit products may be held liable to legal action. Tenga Co., Ltd. is not responsible for the quality and safety of counterfeit items.

“Notable differences seen in these counterfeits include low-quality materials, spoiled lubricant, moldy foam and bug infestations caused by poor manufacturing in unhygienic conditions—all of which put customers at risk of infection or injury. All Tenga brand products are produced in sterile environments and are made in Japan with high-quality materials that do not show these signs.”

Anyone who is unsure whether a particular product is an authentic Tenga product can contact Liberator Inc., Tenga's exclusive distributor in the U.S.A.

For more information, visit Tenga-global.com or email [email protected].