StorErotica Hosting Seminars At ANME

BURBANK, Calif.—For the second year in a row StorErotica is bringing the expertise typically found in the pages of the magazine to a live format, as the magazine presents two educational seminars at this year's ANME Founder's Show (July 10-12) at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel. 

Centered around education for the brick-and-mortar retailers, these seminars aim to discuss some of the most prevalent topics regarding the market today: specifically, the breakthrough of toy popularity in popular culture and the ways in which adult stores can be viewed as centers for sexual wellness and health, and how both of these areas can result in increased profits for business owners. 

“Our seminars haven’t only become an extension of StorErotica, they have become a staple of what the magazine is all about,” said Kristofer Kay, Editor of StorErotica Magazine. “This year’s sessions touch on two valuable topics that are bound to help every retailer who attends, and each boasts a lineup of speakers that will bring their own special brand of expertise.” 

The StorErotica seminars will take place individually during the lunchtime hour (noon to 1 p.m.) on July 10 and July 11 respectively.

Panel 1:  Sex Appeal:  How Retailers should react to adult novelty in popular culture

For decades, adult retail has waited for their products to be embraced by mainstream consumers.  Now, thanks to their growing popularity, shrewd marketing and female-friendly designs, adult toys are part of today's pop culture landscape. But how are adult retailers taking advantage of this increased popularity in novelties? When toys appear on daytime television or primetime programming, what can retailers do to benefit from this valuable exposure? How should a store's merchandising and advertising reflect this mainstream exposure? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered by this seminar, helmed, Pat Jagos, CEO of the Fascinations stores and a representative from Spencer's Gifts (moderated by StorErotica Editor Kristofer Kay). 

Panel 2:  Safer Sex, Smarter Profits:  Educating customers in order to close the sale

Each day your store sells products to help enhance people's sexual well being.  But selling product in adult retail should be more than ringing up the sale; it is about the relationship between the sales associate and customer that will transform a "sex shop" into a center for sexual wellness. Today, with the information available and the wealth of vendor information at their disposal, adult retailers have the chance to do much more than simply sell. Does your store have sales associates or sex educators? Can they be both? Do your customers trust that they are receiving accurate information on the products they want to buy? These are just a few of the topics that will be discussed in this seminar, which will feature sex educators Megan Andelloux and Jamye Waxman, along with moderator Anne Hodder of Hodder Media.

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