Sliquid Splash, Smooth Boast Natural, Vegan Formulations

DALLAS—Sliquid provides retailers with one of the only vegan options in the feminine wash and shave cream categories, thanks to a tireless team of chemists who’ve developed plant-based alternatives to common irritants on the market. Sliquid Splash and Sliquid Smooth offer consumers two spa-quality choices void of animal-derived preservatives and conditioners often attributed to aggravating delicate skin. And with its lanolin-free ingredient list, the company has made an especially strong impression worldwide.

Sliquid Smooth is a naturally superior shave cream that maintains its lush, velvety texture with the addition of botanicals and plant-based ingredients, including aloe vera, vitamin E and green tea extract. Lanolin, found in most shave creams as a moisturizing agent, has been replaced by a combination of rich mango and shea butter with essential oils for good measure, which helps ensure users enjoy the most soothing and soft glide.

“Naturally Sliquid would never formulate our shave products with lanolin because it is a byproduct of sheep’s wool, so we set to work to develop a comparable—and better—alternative for shoppers who are more selective about their body products,” Sliquid VP of Sales and Marketing Michelle Marcus said. “We’ve found this to be a key selling point when educating both retailers and consumers about how Sliquid Smooth differs from most other shave creams out there. Ingredients like lanolin can irritate sensitive skin, especially in our most delicate areas, and we’re proud to educate consumers to help them make a more cognizant choice.”

Sliquid Splash feminine wash cleanses the mind, body and spirit with organic, plant-based ingredients chosen for their soothing and aromatic properties. The balanced scents are subtle yet fragrant and provide yet another gentle and natural alternative to the traditional.

“As our presence expands into international markets, we’ve found that this attention to body-safe and natural formulations has helped secure loyal relationships not only between Sliquid and our fans, but among consumers and retailers as well,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott said. “We’re quite proud of the Smooth and Splash lines; both are free of harsh and drying ingredients found in common soaps and foams and the response since their debut has been phenomenal.”

Sliquid Splash and Sliquid Smooth are part of the Balance series of spa-inspired body care packaged in opaque bottles that artfully match the sophisticated and luxurious blends inside. Merchandised for adult and mainstream retail, Sliquid Balance offers stores a modern and luxurious crossover that appeals to discerning shoppers from every sensual lifestyle.

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