Sliquid Releases Ride Dude Lube

DALLAS—Body-conscious lubricant and lotion developer Sliquid has released a brand new line called Ride Dude Lube created just for men and made with the highest quality natural ingredients for the smoothest, slickest ride imaginable. Saddle up and hold tight!

Ride Dude Lube is available in two varieties formulated to give the user a friction-free sensual experience with or without a partner. Ride Silicone is slippery and long-lasting while Ride H2O is a thicker gel style that’s as comfortable to use as it is easy to clean up in a pinch.

“Our new Ride Dude Lube formulas are great, featuring the same reliable and body-safe details that make Sliquid one of the safest lubricants on the market,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott said. “But it’s the packaging that truly makes this line, and it’s already getting some serious attention.”

The new look features a western theme with cowboy imagery that every shopper will want to get behind, targeting a specific demographic that every adult retail shop must hit for the broadest market appeal.

And soon to join the new Ride line is Ride Razor, a lanolin-free shave cream suitable for all types of body hair. Mango and shea butter combined with soothing green tea extracts and aloe vera helps soften coarse body hair and leaves the user soft, silky and smooth. A silicone hybrid lubricant will round out the new releases later this year.

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