Sliquid Goes Green With Eco-friendly Overhaul

DALLAS—Organic lube and lotion developer Sliquid has made a massive step to reduce its carbon footprint with the implementation of a company-wide eco-conscious overhaul.

“Every step we take to reduce our environmental impact and support a ‘green’ business environment benefits the Earth, our unique brand, and the industry as a whole,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott said. “Reducing waste, manufacturing with recycled materials, and modifying our company procedures directly connects us to consumers who share our passion for preserving the environment. We can help set a positive example with our progressive actions and hopefully inspire others to follow suit. It’s certainly not an easy feat, but it’s absolutely worth every effort!”

More than a year in the making, Sliquid headquarters has reached a brighter shade of green following the installation of SolarFlex, a heat-reflective rooftop shield that dramatically increases the building’s cooling efficiency during the hot summer months.

Since its inception, Sliquid has followed Earth-friendly manufacturing processes by using 100 percent recyclable bottles and creating labels and sample pillow-packs made of recycled paper stock. Office communication is strictly electronic with only essential items printed on recycled paper, and over the past 16 months the office lights have been replaced with low-watt bulbs. Radiant barriers have been installed on all exterior doors, and now with the SolarFlex system complete and in place, Sliquid has reached a new level of eco-friendly efficiency.

And the eco-conscious endeavors don’t stop there! The Sliquid team currently is researching modern recyclable alternatives to its most-used office appliances, exploring state-of-the-art radiant barriers, and continuing the search for more post-consumer components for its popular body-safe lubricants, massage oils, body washes and other intimate products. 

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