SexToys247 Carrying Satisfyer Pro 2 In Australia

RICHMOND, Australia— is the first Australian website to carry the Satisfyer Pro 2.  

"We couldn't be happier to be the first in Australia to have the Satisfyer Pro 2. This product is awesome - definitely a game changer for clitoral stimulation, and it's proving to be popular", said Chris, managing director at

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is creating a buzz in Europe and the U.S. with its feature set, and unique ability to stimulate the clitoris.

"It's like a mini-vacuum, which forces waves of air over the clitoris, for a touch-free orgasm—there is nothing like this on the market,” said Chris.

The Satisyer Pro 2 is a touch-free clitoral stimulator that starred at the ANME show. The device acts like a vacuum to suck the clitoris, and send vibrating waves of air over the clitoris, which act as the stimulation. The toy is waterproof, easy to clean, comes with a magnetic USB charging cable, and is made from ABS coated with a body-safe silicone compound. The toy has 11 programs of stimulation—waves, pulses and all manner of variants. The manufacturer notes that using the Satisfyer Pro 2 underwater can provide even more stimulation, as the pressure waves work well under the water.

"We've literally just got our first shipment of the Satisfyer in, and given the positive press from the U.S. and Europe we put them on the website straight away. We sold 20 in the first two hours—this toy is already making huge waves in Australia,” said Chris.

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