Sensuva Debuts X’s & O’s Kisses & Orgasms Pleasure Kit for Valentine Season

LOS ANGELES—Sensuva just wants you to be happy. And naked. Or so the box says.

Sensuva figures kisses and orgasms are probably THE best gift you can give someone, so for that reason they have created a sexy new gift pack available for the holiday season. It includes two full-size containers of their best-selling products ON Arousal Oil For Her and Strawberry X ON The Lips Buzzing Lip Balm with Pheromones, plus they’ve included a little Kissing Guide as a bonus.

This compact-size gift-pack comes in a small tin with cheeky verbiage on the outside to make gift-givers smile, ooh and ah.

“I love the packaging! It is creative, cute for the holidays and compliments our branding which makes it easy for retailers to merchandise,” Sensuva Branding and Marketing Director Lisa Mazurek said. “I think when retailers merchandise this near the free tester displays we’ve given them for their stores the staff will have an easy time moving them. Store staff love to demo our products with customers, the displays make it so interactive“

Sensuva is offering this small pack of sexiness at special price for the holidays. Normally these two products retail for $19.95 each, but offering this two-piece kit at the special price of $29.95 will be a huge incentive for buyers. The idea for the kit was inspired by Valentine’s Day, but retailers can sell it beyond that date.

If this kit turns out to be a good idea, Sensuva may expand by offering other collections of products together.

“I think it is a great idea to put together ‘an experience’ for customers,” Mazurek said.

Sensuva offers branded counter displays, testers and matching merchandising sales tools to all retailers and distributors. Mazurek also is happy to provide product education and sales tips to Sensuva’s clientele.

For product details and information, contact the sales department at [email protected] or call (877) 470-7578. To learn more about Sensuva and its arousal line, visit