Sensuva Bows ON Power Glide Foil Packs

LOS ANGELES—Sensuva has released new foil packs for its ON Power Glide, giving retailers the ability to stock an impulse item for men.

“Our customers love ON Power Glide and when inquiries regarding travel-sized packets started coming in we knew that would be our next move,” Sensuva Branding and Marketing Director Lisa Mazurek said. “Whether prepping for an intimate night or seeking a natural way to enhance solo play, ON Power Glide’s properties provide smooth and silky moisturization that is oil-free and safe for use even with a condom.”

ON Power Glide for men features a potent botanical formula that provides a temporary thicker, firmer sensation while increasing blood flow for a slight increase in girth. Unlike common digestible aids, ON Power Glide is instantly absorbed through the skin and provides a dramatically different sexual experience alone or with a partner. And in sample-size foil packs, it’s easier than ever for men around the world to try ON Power Glide at home or on the go.

ON Power Glide features a thick and smooth consistency that acts as a superior masturbation cream as well as a before-sex gel that helps enhance the pleasurable sensation of sex. It is also a great idea for men who feel less sensation while wearing a condom.

“ON Power Glide features natural compounds, nutrients, two different types of Niacin, and L-arginine that facilitate and increase blood flow to the penis to give men a tremendously intense sense of virility, strength and potency,” Mazurek said. “Sensuva developed ON Power Glide as a complement to our famous ON Arousal Oil for women and together they provide couples with a powerful intimacy aid that completely changes their sexual experience.”

ON Power Glide foil packs are available in 100-count tubs ideal for countertop and point-of-purchase display. Mazurek also is available to provide product education and sales tips to all Sensuva customers.

For product details and information, contact Mazurek at [email protected] or call (425) 880-6006. To learn more about Sensuva and its arousal product line, visit