SLS Specialty Streamlines Product Announcements With Social Media Page

HOUSTON—SLS Specialty has introduced an interactive Facebook page to complement its weekly email-based announcements and give social-media-savvy customers immediate access to product specials.

“Many of our retail customers use social media to stay connected with manufacturers, friends and consumers and it was essential for SLS Specialty to join the effort,” SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said. “Not only can we easily stay in touch with colleagues from around the world, but we also can meet new customers whom we might not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.”

This new page is a fast and easy way for customers to stay up-to-date and in-the-know of new and exciting additions to the SLS lineup while adding a dynamic element to the company’s current marketing methods.

With every “Like,” SLS Specialty customers will be the first to know about hot upcoming product arrivals, sale items, and special promotions exclusive to Facebook. Customers are encouraged to check in frequently for instant gratification and anticipate the first round of product promos to start this holiday season.

The new SLS Specialty Facebook page will supplement—not replace—the distributor’s existing newsletters and email blasts, so customers are encouraged to stay tuned for promotions from both outlets.

“Like” SLS Specialty today and benefit from special only available on Facebook.

For more information, call (866) 379-2699 or email [email protected].