SLS Specialty Hires Industry Vet Lisa Hanna to Build Sales Force

HOUSTON—Boutique distributor SLS Specialty has brought Lisa Hanna on board as an outside representative to help strengthen its sales team and fortify customer service. Hanna brings with her 10 years of adult industry experience, relationships and knowledge to the brand-focused adult product distributor.

Hanna got her start in the adult business as a home party businesswoman, where she quickly built strong relationships with a who’s who of retailers, distributors and sex toy manufacturers. These connections led her to a sales and purchasing role at a large mid-western distributor where she truly honed her product knowledge and brand expertise—a valuable tool in her new role at SLS.

“My philosophy in business has been to bring the best possible customer service and satisfaction to a transaction,” Hanna said. “I believe a customer at every level deserves an amount of commitment most sales organizations do not, and cannot, offer and that is what makes SLS different and better.”

SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson is excited to have Hanna’s enthusiastic spirit, strong work ethic and immense talent as part of the company’s tight-knit team and is confident her philosophy matches SLS’s perfectly.

“I’ve known Hanna for years and we’ve always been in sync when it comes to our viewpoints on proper customer service and maintaining business relationships,” Nelson said. “She goes above and beyond when responding to inquiries, answering questions and educating her customers, and that balance is a perfect fit for SLS.”

SLS Specialty is known for its innovative take on branding and merchandising, focusing on full product lines and providing retailers with every tool and technique available to help make an informed sale. This precisely is what attracted Hanna to SLS, and the new union will prove fruitful for the company and its trusted customers.

“SLS brings customized solutions to their customers’ questions and needs rather than the cookie cutter answers most distributors offer,” Hanna said. “That combined with my product and brand knowledge, in-depth customer care, and commitment to customer service will create an extremely well-rounded cohesive sales team that customers will have a difficult time ignoring.”

Hanna can be reached at [email protected].  

SLS Specialty is a boutique distributor that focuses on marketing and promoting full-line brands of adult products, including sex toys, apparel and accessories for sexual enhancement. SLS stocks only the hottest, most in-demand names in adult and works one-on-one with retailers across the U.S. to give them the information, products and sales tools they need to do business better.

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